Setting up a Family Investment Company


Trusts are the standard way to pass down family wealth to future generations. But recent tax changes mean that family investment companies may offer a more tax-efficient option…

Many families are considering the use of a Family Investment Company as a tax efficient investment vehicle in addition to their current saving vehicles such as their pensions and ISA portfolios.

Family Investment Company Applications

You can utilise a Family Investment Company in a number of ways including;

  1. As a property holding vehicle for existing property assets
  2. As a property holding vehicle if you are looking to begin investing in property
  3. For investment assets including stock and shares
  4. To house the proceeds of a corporate exit, i.e. a business sale

Benefits of setting up a Family Investment Company

  • Tax Benefits – 20% on profits generated
    • Lower tax rates on income arsing from investments if you are a higher rate tax payer – 20% vs 45%
  • Greater succession opportunities
  • The transfer of cash into the company would be tax free as apposed to the Nil Rate Band restrictions around Trust settlements.
  • Greater control and flexibility
  • Additional vehicle for savings

Download our guide  for more information about the uses of Family Investment Companies, which considers real life client situations.

Take a look at our Family Investment Company case study to understand more about there real life applications.

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