Retiring as a Trustee and need help?

If you are already acting as a Trustee on an existing Trust and no longer wish to have this role, we can assist you in retiring as a Trustee and either appointing us in your place or we can assist in finding a suitable replacement.

Examples where someone may need to retire as Trustee:

  • If you are a professional such as an Accountant of Financial Adviser and there may be a conflict of interest if you continue to act as Trustee.
  • You no longer wish to have the responsibility of being Trustee.
  • There is no longer a relationship with the client and/or their family.
  • The client has moved abroad and you no longer understand the tax and legal implications of being a Trustee.

We can produce all of the necessary legal paperwork and liaise with all family members involved in retiring the existing Trustees and appoint new ones.

If a professional, Corporate Trustee is required, Fortress can act as Trustees both in the UK and for International Trusts.

For more information on the benefits of appointing Fortress as Trustee, please click here.

Should you require any other assistance, please contact us.