Fortress as Trustee


A regular problem for clients is that of choosing whom to appoint as trustee.  The role of trustee is one that may be burdensome and carries with it great and sometimes onerous responsibilities.

Many families are now looking to appoint independent and professional Trustees.

Fortress can provide a professional Trustee service for you. There are many advantages to appointing a professional Trustee.

As a trust provider in both the UK and Isle of Man, our focus is to provide a professional trustee service that is safe and reasonably priced, taking away the burden from family members of running a trust. By law, we have to act in the best wishes of the beneficiaries of the trust and so there is never any risk of assets being directed elsewhere.

Distinct advantages to having a professional trustee like Fortress include;

  1. Avoiding any problems selecting personal trustees.
  2. Objective trustee decisions by keeping to the aims of the trust, can be made without personal complications or conflicts, so the clients can be confident their plans will be realised.
  3. A supporting role provided if professional trustees are co-trustees with family members.
  4. All trust paperwork is kept safe and is professionally dealt with respecting the client’s wishes.
  5. The client has confidence the trust provisions and trust laws are not being breached.
  6. Using a trust avoids probate fees on death.
  7. We do not provide financial advice, as this may conflict with our Trustee duties and enables us to work with your existing professionals such as your Financial Advisor.

Another significant advantage of asking Fortress to provide this professional service is that as a Corporate Trustee, there is never only one person acting as trustee. Therefore if in the event of a death, the trustee will remain the same, preventing any changes necessary on the trust deed to appoint a new trustee. This keeps fees down and provides continuity.

For more information about the Trustee role, please contact us today.