Existing Structure Services

At Fortress, we can also assist clients who already have existing international corporate or trust structures.

Our review and audit service for existing structures, both in the UK and internationally aim to assist clients who are in need of a review or consolidation of what structures they have.

In most circumstances that we see, many clients are unsure as to what has been previously set up, are looking to be de-mystified about the arrangement, want to utilise better or are unhappy with their current provider who is managing the structure.

At Fortress we are keen to ensure that our clients know what they have set up and the options that are available to them in the future.

Our structure review services include:

  • Reviewing the structure with regards to any recent tax changes
  • Checking the structure is still suitable for you and meets your requirements
  • Assisting with the removal and appointment of a new provider or different individuals.

Many clients do not realise that the structures they have established can be transferred from one provider to another. It can be a relatively straight forward process, and Fortress can assist with a smooth transition whether it be to us or in some circumstances to the client’s family members.

We can produce all of the necessary legal paperwork and if Director services or a Corporate Trustee or  is required, Fortress can act for you in this capacity.

For more information on our review and audit service, please contact us or download our case study here.